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Online Real Estate Course Cancellation and Refund Policies | ExceedCE

Cancellations and Refunds

We will gladly grant a refund for any course under the following circumstances:

Notification of refund request must be received by us within 30 days of purchase. If there has been any progress within the course package the refund must be in writing and sent to us through email, fax or mail. Once a refund has been issued, the course package cannot be reinstated. Any progress made within a course will automatically revert to zero progress.

We cannot grant a refund on courses that are complete.

Grading Policy

In order to receive a final score, you must complete all sections, assignments and quizzes.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for this course are:

This course is supported by all browsers (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome). If you experience any compatibility issues with your technology, please contact your instructor immediately so that we can troubleshoot promptly.

Note: If you are using the Google Chrome browser, please visit this site for advice on how to keep Shockwave Flash videos running smoothly in your browser.

Note: When taking quizzes or the final exam, please use your mouse to move around. Do NOT use your arrow keys!!

Integrity Policy

Please note that you as well as our school are subject to audits by ARELLO and your State Regulatory Body. You must complete ALL content, activities, quizzes, videos, and reading as assigned in this course. The instructor will monitor and record all dates and times that you access the course.

It is imperative that you behave with full integrity as you complete this course. Please know that your instructor is able to track your online access to see what documents you have opened, how long you spent watching each video clip, and other learning tasks. This course is designed to take three hours. There are no short cuts! Both you and your instructor must be able to show that you completed the entire course. In other words, you are required to complete all activities. In addition, you must answer all quiz and final exam questions without the assistance of another person(s). 

If the instructor discovers that you have violated this integrity policy in order to pass this course, NO CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION WILL BE ISSUED AND YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANY REFUND.


Please email Gene Trowbridge  or call 949.855.8399.